Reward Yourself – Programs to Sign Up For Now!

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How many times have you gone into a store and the cashier starts to ask if you would like to sign up for XYZ’s store rewards program?  Half the time I don’t even let the person finish talking before I am saying ‘No Thank You’.

I must have been asleep at the wheel.  I could have been saving mega bucks ! 


Here is a list of reward programs you should sign up for, immediately.

Basically, any grocery store you shop at.  My two favorites are:

Stop & Shop

Besides getting the best deals in the store, they have partnered with Shell Gas Stations to get you up to $0.60 off per gallon.  Simply accumulate points, wait for your tank to read ‘E’ and fill ‘er up. 

And, did you know you can use coupons with your PeaPod delivery? Just put them in an envelope to give to the nice individual bringing your groceries in the house & they will credit your account.  How sweet is that?


Again, the only way to get the best prices is by having a Pathmark Perks card .  Additionally, you can add virtual coupons right to your card.  EASY!


Everyone should have an Extra Care Card.    CVS will actually give you money to use on a separate purchase at the store.  Seriously.  How do they make money? I dunno and I don’t care.  I just know that I like it. 

The trick to CVS is to match coupons for products on sale & offering ECBs.  I use my ECBs from previous purchases towards these products.  This way, I am always saving money & leaving with ECBs for the future. 

Your first stop when you get into the store should be the scanner machine.  Have it read your Extra Care card and it will magically print out coupons.  It’s a suprise everytime.  Sometimes, its money off products, sometimes it is a free product and occassionally it is extra ECBs!  I keep hoping for a million bucks, but I shouldn’t hold my breath.


In my yahoo account today

 Oh, PS, CVS will sometimes send you emails for money off a subsequent purchase, so make sure to sign up with an email address.



Rite Aid Rocks.  Their ‘Wellness Program’ offers Up Rewards (similar to  ECBs) for future purchases.  And now you no longer have to shudder at rebates – Rite Aid has made them beyond simple.  Just go online, fill out some info & poof you get a check in the mail. 

You have a little time on your hands? If you watch their Rite Aid Videos, you can save even MORE money. 

And, more often than not, you will find a $3 off $15 dollar purchase at the bottom of your receipt.  All you have to do is complete a survey.  DO THE SURVEY. 

Remember, you should combine all your Rite Aid Video coupons, regular coupons & Up rewards into the trifecta of money saving. 


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