Couponing 101 : Taming the Chaos

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Do your coupons look like this?

When I first started couponing, I was clipping & printing like a manic.  I had coupons everywhere – loose in my pocketbook, on the kitchen table, under the kitchen table, in the car.  I had no rhyme or reason to it and I was so frustrated. 

I then decided on the clever but simple envelope approach.  But,  I still couldn’t find anything, and now my coupons were starting to expire.  I was entering crisis mode. 

Finally, after weeks, I have discovered a method that works for me.

1)      I found an old binder from college that was in halfway decent shape
2)      I ‘borrowed’ my son’s baseball card insert pages
3)      I bought a set of tabs that go from 1-26
4)      I alphabetized my coupons
5)      I folded them in a pseudo-origami way with the expiration date on top and the product showing.  Then I slipped them into each opening while watching the 10 PM Judge Judy replay
6)      I smiled in satisfaction at a job well done

Now, I only clip the coupons I know I would use.  I still fold and tuck while watching tv when the kids are asleep, but now I also pull out the expired ones (So easy when the expiration date shows!)

I keep the inserts that come with my newspaper or from my extended family and label them with the date.  I put them in a folder and wait to see if I need any of those coupons.

The moral of the story is – do what works for YOU.  You are the one who needs to find the coupons, so it should be organized in a way you can manage. 

I still find the random coupon lying on the floor by the front door, but it is so much more controllable now.

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