Coupon 101 : Where Are Thou, Coupons

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Coupons are ripe for the picking.  You just need to know where to look…

Sunday Newspaper

I am 99.99% sure everyone knows the Sunday paper has coupons…   It is around $1.50 to get it delivered to my door, which means I can review my savings in my pajamas while Blues Clues is on.

Many people will not use their  coupons  or will only clip the ones they want.  You should befriend these people.  They would be happy to give you the leftovers.  Personally, I keep my inserts (Commandment #2), but to each their own.

I have heard the “rumors” that coupons vary by region.  I have discovered, apparently, Nassau & Queens are different regions.  A few weeks ago, I got the coveted ” $5 off John Frieda coupon” in my Nassau Newsday but it was not part of my mom’s Queen’s Daily News…. This made for one very disappointed Dizee….

This brings me to another point, if your coupons are fantastic, I suggest buying an extra paper or two.  Maybe from different stores if you don’t want to get that ‘Extreme Couponer’ look.


There are some fantastic places online  to get coupons without shelling out a dollar!  Simply click and start printing.  (The first time you may have to download a file to print your coupons.  I have been using these sites with no problems, so I wouldn’t worry.)

Most websites let you print a coupon twice per computer before they put the brakes on. So, make sure your printer is ready.   Trust me, if you miss out on your $1.00 off Wheat Thins coupon because your toner was low, you will be pissed off the rest of the day.  (You can see I am talking from experience)

If the coupon is something I use regularly, I will print them at home and then again at work.   I get almost get giddy with excitement.  (Really, it is the little things that make me happy.)

 Here are the sites I frequent regularly

 Finally, the grand poo-ba of coupons (in my opinion)

They have awesome coupons on a ton of stuff.  The best part is, since they are mostly Retailer Coupons, you can match them with Manufacturer Coupons (Commandment 5).  This is how you become a coupon superstar! 

Oh, last word of advice – don’t photocopy your coupons.  Beyond being tacky, it is Coupon Fraud. 

 Facebook Offers

Many times when you “ Like”a page on facebook, you will be rewarded with a coupon.  Jackpot! .  Some of my favorite ones :

Often they have awesome give-a-ways like Full Size Samples of Pantene or Tide.

I found that winning a free full size product is the equivalent to hitting the jackpot on a penny machine.  It’s not going to make you rich, but it totally brightens your day.

 Sign up for Freebies

Freebies are awesome.  Not only do you get to try a product (sometimes before it hits the shelves), you will usually get a decent value coupon with it.  If you aren’t signing up for these by the boatload, you should just stop reading money saving blogs.  Seriously.  :)

 Visit the Company Site

Many companies have coupons available on their website.  It is like taking candy from a baby.   Simply go to their sites & scout it out.  Beauty sites seem to be especially generous.

(Matching these coupons to a Target Coupon will make you smile from ear-to-ear when you hand over your money.)

 Product Packages

Before you recycle your trash bag box, look inside.  Coupons are all over products that you normally buy.

 Write In Campaign

Finally, if you have a product that you love and can’t seem to find coupons for, write them.  You can compliment a product or let them know what they could do better.  Sometimes, you can just flat out ask for a coupon. 

It’s like the lotto, you never know. 

Click here to see who I have been writing.  I will update the list if/when I receive anything.  To be honest, this is something new I am trying.


Got any other places to find coupons? Let me know!

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