10 Commandments of Couponing

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Thou Shall:

  1. Locate Coupons.  Buy, beg or borrow Sunday Newspaper inserts.  Print coupons on the computer.  Like companies on Facebook.   Send letters to companies.  Pick up in-store coupons. The coupons are just begging to be used.   (Just don’t steal them… it is just silly)
  2. Save your inserts.  You never know when there will be some big sale and items will be FREE.  Just find a nice spot to tuck them away for your rainy day.
  3.  Organize your coupons.  There is no scientific formula.  It is not brain surgery.  Do what works for you.  Use an envelope, put them in your wallet, stash them in a binder.   This is my method.
  4.  Learn the Lingo.  SS, RP, P&G, RR, UP – the abbreviations are endless.  The most important terms are MC (Manufacturer Coupons which can be used anywhere) & SC (Store Coupons which can only used at specific stores)
  5. Match manufacturer coupons with store coupons. This is the major score referred to as stacking.  You get double savings & will be the envy of the other customers online. 
  6. Know your Coupon Policies – Who doubles coupons? Who accepts coupon stacking? Who will price adjust? Who doesn’t accept coupons at all?  You may know the policy better than the cashier, so be nice when pointing out their error.    
  7. Sign Up for Store Rewards.  Really, it is silly not to.  Some places, like CVS & Rite Aid, will give you cash back for future visits.  It is like they are flinging money at you.
  8.  Be savvy & patient.  Review your circulars.  Match sales to coupons to get the most bang for your buck.    Compare two or three stores.  I use this sheet when making my list.
  9. Plan your menu based on sales and make a shopping list.  Stick to your list.  You do not need the extra bag of Lays or Oreos.  Your butt will thank you.
  10. Use coupons for items that you use or want to try.  Even if you don’t match them to a sale, stack them or double them, you will still end up ahead in the end.  (Just by using $5 in coupons a week will save you $260 in a year.)
  11. (Ok, so I added an 11, it’s my blog.)  Stockpile I refer to my stockpile as my savings fund.  While Non-Stockpilers are paying full price, I just go down to my basement pile.  Don’t over due it, though.  People will start looking at you funny.


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